The Committee André Devaere was created  on August 18  2009 . The association is aiming for 'the promotion and maintaining the heritage of pianist - composer André Devaere (1890-1914) and other deserving members of the Devaere family.                   

The board is composed as follows:

      -Tom Devaere, chairman


      -Dominique Dejonghe, treasurer


      -Phillippe Dejonghe, secretary


      -Hannelore Devaere


Members of the general assembly :

      -Tom devaere, Dominique Dejonghe, Phillippe Dejonghe, Hannelore Devaere, Thierry Dejonghe,...

People who are interested and who has affinity with the Devaere family or with the goal of the association can be a member of the general assembly.

more info: see the 'contact' link

These are our clergymen.

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